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The Future of Web Conferences

In recent years I have been fortunate to be able to attend all of the major web conferences: @Media, Future of Web Apps, Future of Web Design and more.

A Week Off

I wrote a while ago about a friend taking a Twitter vacation, another leaving altogether and my resultant thoughts and feelings about Twitter. Now I have decided to do the same; as of today I’m starting a one week ‘leave of absence’ from Twitter. Whilst this week is an experiment to see how I, a one time Twitter addict, get on; I don’t have any specific reasons for deciding to take a break and possibly turning my back on Twitter. It’s a combination of things that has led to a rising sense of “meh?” I’ll report back in week about how it’s gone or is going.

Leaving Twitter

I was interested to read that my friend Mike Rhode is taking a “Twitter Vacation” following closely, as it does, another friend’s Twitter exit. Mike explains his need for a Twitter break: I’ve sensed lately that I need to take a step back. I’ve caught myself constantly checking my Twitter mentions, working very hard to tweet something of value and scanning my live feed in Tweetie for something, anything interesting to read. Mike goes on to say: While that’s typical Twitter user behavior, I’ve felt this incessant attraction to scanning random tweets and replies at all times to be distracting my focus from more important things in my life right now. I can identify with Mike’s feeling of compulsion to check Twitter often, perhaps too often, and for the desire for there to be something new and interesting to read. This reminds me of a talk about Technology and Psychology by Suw Charman-Anderson at FOWA two years ago. Suw describedContinue Reading ›

Biting The Big Apple

As I no longer have a links page or blogroll I’d like to draw your attention, if I may, to Biting The Big Apple; a great blog written by my friend Stephanie. Stephanie and I worked together for a few years in London, then in 2007 Stephanie made the huge step of moving to New York to live and work. Biting The Big Apple records that adventure and Stephanie’s thoughts and experiences of living in New York City. It’s been really interesting re-reading a number of the posts with a new perspective following my first trip to New York. Take a bite from the Big Apple.

Scribble the Nibbles

A very quick post to “pimp” a great new blog a friend of mine has just started called Scribble The Nibbles. My food fiend friend combines a passion for food with a lovely turn of phrase. Well worth reading or adding to your RSS reader.