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The Matrix Has You

In the words of Neo “whoa”. I can’t believe it’s ten years since The Matrix was released. I can remember seeing the “What Is The Matrix?” teaser trailers and knowing from those that I had to see this film. But even the brilliant teasers and trailers couldn’t prepare me for just how cool this movie was Continue Reading


Today’s FFFFind is this simply awesome poster featuring The Dude in an Obama stylee. I’d love a version with ABIDE rather than DUDE.

Atonement – Elegy For Dunkirk

I finally watched Atonement over the weekend, and thought it a deeply moving, and beautifully tragic story. I’d been putting off watching the film as I wanted to read the book, but a friend recommended it so strongly I decided it was time. I’m so glad I did – it is a stunning film. The film Continue Reading

Product Placement Gone Mad

I saw the new Fantastic Four film last night which was pretty good. There was the usual blatant product placement all over it but one piece just left me open mouthed. Mr Fantastic builds a very funky FantasticFourmobile, flying, jet, ship thing which has a Dodge grill and Dodge seats. WTF? Yes, Dodge as in Continue Reading

How Dissapointing

Hollywood seems to have run out of ideas, with every other film seeming to be a remake of an original film. These remakes tend to be poor imitations of their forerunners – Sylvester Stallone in Get Carter anyone? However, tonight I saw an original version of The Thomas Crown Affair starring Steve McQueen and I Continue Reading

No, No, No, No, No

Is nothing sacred? What’s next? Bullitt?

An Obsession Shared…

For a long time I have enjoyed reading Ink Quest which features the experiences, trials and tribulations of a fellow obsessive’s search for the perfect fountain pen ink. It made me feel so much better to realise that there others out there who are perhaps slightly more obsessive even than I. However, I feel I Continue Reading

Tokyo : Day 1

My flight was very good. I only watched two films as the film selection was rather uninspiring: 40 Year Old Virgin (6 out of 10) and Mr and Mrs Smith (5 out of 10). We arrived at our hotel early afternoon on Saturday and decided to have a few hours sleep and then to head Continue Reading

I’m Going to Tokyo… No Really I Am

I have wanted to go to Tokyo for years and now I am. I don’t travel much for work so to have my employer fly me Upper Class to a dream city is a bit of a treat. OK, so I have some serious work to do whilst I’m there but hell I’ll deal with Continue Reading