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Last weekend we all headed out to the cinema to see Disney’s new animated CGI feature film Wreck-It Ralph; a return to form for Disney.  However, whilst Wreck-It Ralph is a great film, I was completely enchanted by the supporting short, the Oscar winning Paperman. I loved the story, and the wonderful ideas within, but I wasContinue Reading ›

James Bond Will Return In Skyfall

I am a huge fan of James Bond, both the books and the films. I remember being allowed to stay at my Nana’s house on a school night just so I could watch You Only Live Twice in colour. I remember the relief on my Uncle’s face when having been instructed to take me toContinue Reading ›

Tomorrows World Today

2002 in a film:   2012 on your desktop: Amazing.

Lost In Translation

This image visualises Lost In Translation beautifully; I want this as a poster now. Update: Having searched around this appears to be the original image, which is not available as a poster sadly.

Any Conscious Entity

I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do. — HAL 9000