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London Bomb Attacks

I commute into London on a daily basis. I arrived at Euston station just after 9am this morning to find them shutting the underground station access and telling us that the main underground lines are shut for the day. I realised from this that it might be a big problem or alert but wished that Continue Reading


A list of the books I’ve read over the last decade or so, cunningly arranged in the order I read them. Starred titles are those I highly recommend ☆ 2020 The Great Alone by Tim Voors ☆ — A Christmas present from my son, The Great Alone describes Voors’ six month journey as he walks Continue Reading

Don McCullin Retrospective

I recently spent a morning at Tate Britain viewing the Don McCullin retrospective. Don McCullin is one of my favourite photographers; I originally came across his autobiography Unreasonable Behaviour in a book shop and was fascinated by his life and images. McCullin is perhaps best known as a war photographer, something he’s uneasy about, feeling Continue Reading

The Philosophy of Coffee

The Philosophy of Coffee – it’s a intriguing title, but if truth be told this book covers the history more than the philosophy of coffee. Having said that, it’s still a great little book that gives a fascinating insight into coffee’s journey from Ethiopia via Yemen, London, Italy and America to become the global phenomenon it Continue Reading

Slipping The Surly Bonds of Earth

I’ve just returned from the Pixel Pioneers conference in Belfast; I flew from Heathrow to Belfast City, a quick hop over the Irish Sea. On the way out the weather was misty with very low cloud; just moments after we left the ground we were above the clouds, emerging into bright, beautiful sunshine. I never tire of Continue Reading

Distraction Sickness – Part Two

Earlier this year I took my daughter to the National Gallery in London, which houses one the most amazing collections of pre-Twentieth Century art in the world. Surrounded by incredible art from Van Gogh, Turner, Monet, Matisse, Cezanne, Vermeer to name just a few favourites an inexplicable number of visitors seemed more intent on the virtual world Continue Reading