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London Haiku

A windy London Blowing dust into my eyes More tears in the rain


I love London, I love time-lapse and I love this video.

London Calling

Samuel Johnson said “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” Well, I was starting to become tired of London when I was working there; experiencing too much of the tedious, overcrowded public transport side of London and not enough of Continue Reading

Free Tibet Protesting Outside Google’s London Offices

Google’s London office is next door to my office in Buckingham Palace Road. Popped out for lunch today to find a small but vocal Free Tibet protest outside the Google offices.

London Bomb Attacks #3

We were finally allowed out of the building around 15:30 shortly after the news that Euston station had reopened. There was no other way across London other than to walk which is what I did. Clutching my A to Z I walked past Buckingham Palace and the Mall decked out in Union Jack flags to Continue Reading

London Bomb Attacks #2

I’m feeling sick at the moment. My geography of London is rather poor and I was actually quite proud to have found my way almost to where I work. I’ve just seen a news report showing where the bomb blasts were. I could of easily walked out of Euston and straight down towards Russel Square Continue Reading