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Tomorrows World Today

2002 in a film: 2012 on your desktop: Amazing.


I used to be ‘into’ photography. I started with my Grandfather’s old Praktica 35mm camera, a camera so old I had to use a handheld light meter. I learnt the basics of photography with that camera, and used it until its lens fell apart. I had a succession of 35mm cameras after the Praktica: aContinue Reading ›

Skate Boarding Shadows

Love this. Via

Photo 366 – Game Over

Well that didn’t last long; I completely forgot to take a photograph yesterday, and under my Photo 366 rules that’s it – game over. In my defence it was my twelfth wedding anniversary, and I was obviously enjoying myself far too much to remember. Photo 366 was fun while it lasted. Maybe I’ll try againContinue Reading ›