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The Matrix Has You

In the words of Neo “whoa”. I can’t believe it’s ten years since The Matrix was released. I can remember seeing the “What Is The Matrix?” teaser trailers and knowing from those that I had to see this film. But even the brilliant teasers and trailers couldn’t prepare me for just how cool this movie was Continue Reading

Four Day Work Week – Week Two

As I enter week three of working a four day week I thought I should keep my promise and update you on week two: it passed without incident. The end. Sorry, but I’m pleased to say there is little to report. It is working well for both me and my wife who is enjoying the Continue Reading

Extreme Sheep LED Art

Yes you read the title correctly this is Extreme Sheep LED Art: Baaavelous…

Four Day Work Week – Week One

Our son will be starting school in September allowing my wife to return to work; she wants to I’m not forcing her – honest. She has always wanted to train to be a nursery nurse, and through a chance conversation at our son’s pre-school she has secured a position starting immediately. To give her the Continue Reading

A Little Night Reading

This is so clever. A bookshelf and a reading light where the two interact. A sensor turns off the light when an open book is placed on the shelf.; when the book is picked up again, the light automatically turns on. Wonderful. Lili Lite via FFFFound


Today’s FFFFind is this simply awesome poster featuring The Dude in an Obama stylee. I’d love a version with ABIDE rather than DUDE.

Music CD Labelling Concept

This is so cool. It would be brilliant for mixtape and home burnt CDs. Designed by Joshua Distler and found on FFFFound.

Free Hugs

I just saw this video on Garr Reynold’s posterous blog and thought I’d share it with you; as Garr says it’s hard not to smile. Garr Reynolds is the author of Presentation Zen a brilliant book on presentations and visual design. If you write or create presentations you should read this now. PLEASE. Garr is Continue Reading