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My friend Simon Collison recently shared the wonderful eulogy he wrote about his Father who passed away earlier this year. Inspired by this I thought I’d share with you the short passage I wrote for my Nana’s funeral last year. Most of it will mean little to you as it was of course quite personal,Continue Reading ›

Is Blogging Dead?

There’s been a lot of chatter on Twitter and blogs about Paul Boutin’s Wired article Twitter, Flickr, Facebook Make Blogs Look So 2004  over the last day or so, but I was most interested in Rory Cellan-Jones’ response Is blogging dead? on the BBC website. Rory clearly believes that blogging is not yet dead andContinue Reading ›

Social Media Marketing

Thanks to the generosity of my chum Paul Fabretti (@paulfabretti) I was able to attend KMP‘s Social Media Marketing seminar earlier this week. There were four talks providing a great introduction to social media and suggestions for ways that businesses can join the conversation. Dave Kinsella (@techn0tic) started the day with a good introduction toContinue Reading ›