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Of Music Downloads and MP3 Players

I received a response from albeit a standard email. It seems I have to use Windows Media Player to transfer the downloaded files to my Rio Karma. I suppose if I’d of thought about it I would have realised this as it must way they control the DRM on the files. I have nowContinue Reading ›

Music Download Problem Continued

I decided to email Tesco about the problem I had with the download from their music download store. I don’t want a refund just an explanation. So far the only reply has been to tell me that they are having email problems and that a reply could take seven days. Is 7 days acceptable forContinue Reading ›

I’ve Just Bought My First Legal Music Download…

and it confirmed why I have never done so before and will not do so again. I’ve not paid for any music downloads until today. I read in Stuff magazine that Tescos (yes Tescos) now have their own music download store; this seemed an amazing diversification for a supermarket chain but what really caught myContinue Reading ›

Time to Change My MP3 Player – the Ashtray Is Full

Actually the device itself is almost full with just over 1Gb of free space. For me the joy of a high capacity music player is that I can have my entire music collection with me at all times. So I don’t want to manage that collection; deciding what will and won’t be loaded onto theContinue Reading ›