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A Germ of an Idea?

I have often thought that I would like to write a novel or a short story but until recently I had not had a story idea that I could develop beyond just an idea or that was not just a clone of a Neal Stephenson or William Gibson story. Well two weeks ago I thinkContinue Reading ›

Lost Wallet = Stolen Cash

I had lunch today with a friend that works within the rail industry and used to work for the London Underground. I was telling about my lost wallet stolen cash situation and it seems that is very common amongst pick pockets. At one station he managed they had a set of doors that were notContinue Reading ›

Bye Bye Pixels, Hello Paper

I have been a PDA user for several years but a week ago I sold my iPAQ and bought a Filofax. I was pretty much a PDA addict; changing PDAs as often as every six months and spending far too long every day reading all the major PDA sites and forums. So this represents aContinue Reading ›