Favourite Things

In the past I have expended rather a lot of energy looking for the perfect something; the perfect laptop bag, the perfect note book, the perfect weather app etc. etc. etc.

Through this I have learnt that the search for perfection is an unrewarding journey.

I have high standards, I’m fussy and frankly I change my mind, often. Which makes perfection at best a moving goalpost, and at worst almost impossible to attain.

So I’ve stopped seeking perfection.

But… I do have high standards, I am fussy and I believe I have an eye for quality and design, so I thought I’d start sharing a few of my Favourite Things with you – no Julie Andrews I promise.

Favourite Things are products, places, services, apps, tunes and more that I rate highly and enjoy. They may be things that are amongst the best in their niche, or just something that I like and find useful, and that I hope you will to.

My plan is to write one Favourite Things article a month, published via my newsletter and then after a few weeks here on my blog. I’ve been toying with the idea of a newsletter for a while, and Favourite Things seems like a natural candidate – I hope you’ll sign up below.

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